Our Story

When you love food, you make it well, take care of it,
and where it comes from, sharing only the best.

This is what we're made of

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We're lucky in New Zealand. This little island
of ours is perfectly poised for raising great
and contented animals thanks to our ideal 
grass-growing clmate. Clean water. Fresh 
air. Lush grass. A lot of respect and then
nature does the rest.

Made of this unspoilt place,
New Zealand

Our guarantee of
eating quality

Our Place

New Zealand - with
generations of expertise
in grass-fed farming

Meet Our Farmers


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Our People

Committed to excellence
with a level of skill, expertise
and care that allows us to bring
the very best of
New Zealand to the world

Our Process

Our Food People

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Our Passion

To share the
goodness we have
with the world

Our Vision

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Our Brand Values