How to Cook the Perfect Stir-Fry

Learn the simple tips you need to follow to ensure your stir-fry lamb, beef, or venison turns out perfectly every time with Silver Fern Farms.

1. Prepare everything you need before you heat your wok.

Stir-frying is such a quick cooking method you won't have time to chop your vegies or measure sauces as the dish cooks.

2. Start with a hot wok or pan.

Ensure the wok is hot before you begin to cook lamb or vegetables. It should be hot enough to evaporate a bead of water on contact.

3. Cook stir-fry in small batches (about 250g).

When you add the meat to the wok, work from the outside to the centre, where it will be hottest.

4. Let it rest while you cook the vegetables.

Set the meat aside and return to the wok with sauces once the vegetables are cooked. Stir-fry only to combine, do not reheat the meat for too long or it will toughen.

5. When stir-frying the meat wait at least 30 seconds before tossing or stir-frying.

This gives the meat a chance to brown, giving it good colour and flavour. The second side will take a little less time to cook. It's ready as soon as the redness is gone, no longer. When you're stir-frying vegetables begin to stir-fry immediately.

6. Do not allow the meat to boil in the sauce.

This will toughen the meat. When adding the liquid ingredients to the wok make a well in the centre. Add the liquids to the centre, stir to boil and thicken before returning the meat to the wok. Serve immediately.