Venison Programme

Watch our Venison Story

Rewarded for Performance

Reduced risk and increased certainty for planning and budgeting through close relationships with retail and foodservice customers, driving year-round demand for your product

Optimised productivity and profitability with access to individual animal data through the FarmIQ management system

Being linked with a select group of customers in key value-add markets, especially during our supply-challenged season of winter

Having assurance of a long-term commitment at both ends of a fully integrated supply chain

Delivering a Fresh Take on Venison

As a member of the Silver Fern Farms Backbone® Venison Programme, you are a key part of our story of a distinctly new take on venison that we are telling to the world.

A story of the fresh possibilities for venison with a distinct difference.

Pasture-raised freshness from New Zealand, from the innovative farmers who make our venison so good.

Capturing the natural vitality of the animal with a vital and fresh approach.

Delivering a new edge for the menus of chefs around the world, and encouraging everyday consumers to be creative at home.

From New Zealand – consistently excellent and healthy with delicate flavour and leanness.

Your venison can be Silver Fern Farms venison, sought after as an elite red meat, and an ingredient for delicious inspiration.


AP 45.1kg – 85.0kg

All deer, no age restriction*

Velvet must be <110mm from the skull and not bleeding†

All deer must be grass fed

* Exception: Cervena
† National Velvet Standards Body (NVSB) QA Programme