Angus Programme


Receiving financial reward for stock management and genetic selection practices that lead to quality stock through the Silver Fern Farms Eating Quality™ (EQ) System

Being linked with a select group of leading global Foodservice customers

Having access to individual animal data, through the FarmIQ management system, helping to identify opportunities on-farm to lift Angus Programme eligibility

Drive our New Zealand Grass-fed Angus Story

As a member of the Silver Fern Farms Backbone® Angus Programme, you are a key part of our story of perfecting the bold, beef taste of Angus, as it should be.

A story of the Silver Fern Farmers’ New Zealand farms, where grass-fed beef can be raised to the highest levels of quality.

And, as the farmers who understand the character and strength of Angus, consistently producing the very finest examples of the breed.

A bold, naturally marbled grass-fed beef, delivered to the chef with a promise of quality and consistency that comes from the skill of our farmers and processors.

Our Angus Programme is creating an ingredient for the imagination – rich, tender, juicy, Silver Fern Farms Angus Beef.


75% Angus (Angus sire over Angus or Angus-cross dam)

pH up to and including 5.8

P1 and P2-graded steer and heifer only

220.5kg – 370.0kg


Guideline age 36 months or less (measured by dentition of no more than four teeth in wear)

NAIT – all animals to be tagged with NAIT-approved RFID tags

All cattle must be 60 days Farm Assured

All cattle must be grass fed