Our Strategy

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At Silver Fern Farms, we focus on the ‘plate’ first, identifying consumer needs, and then we work with our farmers to grow animals and apply our expertise to create differentiated products specifically to meet those needs.

Our Plate to Pasture strategy is focused on driving up the value chain, to achieve higher returns for our products. This in turn will allow us to be more profitable and pay premiums to our suppliers for livestock which meet the criteria for these higher returning products – profitably linking the plate to the pasture.

We are growing the confidence in our brand, our strategy and our story on the world stage.

In 2015 our chilled products, branded food service range and value added retail products made up 19% of our total global sales.

To create a sustainable future that makes a difference to our farmer partners we need to grow this area of our business. We are absolutely committed to our Plate to Pasture strategy and being consumer-led.

Our global niche is high quality, grass-fed, red meat that is 100% Made of New Zealand. We want to establish Silver Fern Farms as the brand that consumers trust to deliver that, through a reliable and sustainable chain of care from the farm to the consumer. Our farmers are central to delivering on this promise. We are meeting consumers’ needs. We are moving forward together.