Trust you can trace back to New Zealand

Oritain is an independent company that works with Silver Fern Farms to scientifically prove, for our customers’ safety, that the origin of the product they are purchasing is New Zealand. 

Scientifically proving the origin of food products to protect brands from fraud, Oritain measures the naturally occurring elements inside the food to verify it is true to its origin claim. Because these elements are impacted by the environment in which the food grows and the characteristics of that environment differ geographically (water, sun, soil), Oritain can identify where it comes from. This is a powerful tool that, unlike a product’s packaging, cannot be tampered with. 

The Oritain fingerprint mark on each of our beef packs symbolizes that the quality cut of grass-fed beef inside is a certified New Zealand product, grown on New Zealand pastures and brought to you by Silver Fern Farms.

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